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Viscous Liquid Filling Machines

Sri Lakshmi Industries has been providing various brands with Viscous Liquid Filling Machines in Chennai. Our skilled team of technicians has perfected the machinery technology necessary to create a viscous Liquid Filling machine. We at Sri Lakshmi Industries provide service engineers in times of need for Viscous Liquid Filling machines all around India.


A maximum speed of 120 bottles per minute can be filled by the automatic six-head volumetric liquid bottle-filling machine. Bottle diameter, bottle height, bottleneck size, and fill volume all affect how well a bottle-filling machine performs. Completely stainless steel finished machine construction, including the machine frame. 


For smoother operation, the machine has optional turn tables at the infeed and outfeed that have individual drives to match the pace of the bottles coming in and going out. All components that will come into touch with liquids are constructed from SS 316 materials. We specialize in providing specialized viscous filling equipment that may be used to melt down different goods, including balm, hot balm, wax, lip balm, and cream, to fill them.


Sri Lakshmi Industries has mastered the art of manufacturing quality Viscous Liquid Filling Machines in India. We offer equipment for filling paint buckets and other types of containers with viscous and semi-viscous fluids. The machines are of the rationally designed auto piston kind. Our machines are well-liked because they deliver noiseless, heavy-duty performance and are cost-effective. Can be used as an automatic gel filler, automatic cream filler, automatic sauce filler, automatic solvent filler, automatic water paint filler, and automatic wall paint filler.


If your company needs to speed up the process with the right filling machine solution, Sri Lakshmi Industries is the way to go. Contact us!

Viscous Liquid Filling Machines


Filling Range:  50 gm to 1000gm

Output/Hour: 1500 to 2100

Number Of Head / Syringe: 4 Nos

Filling System: Mechanically piston filling


Machine specifications

Filling Volume

10 MI To 1000 MI

Filling Accuracy


Diameter of Bottle

25 mm To 110 mm

Height of Bottle

50 mm To 275 mm

Filling Assemblies

Different Sizes As Per Needs

Tank Capacity

200 Liters

Float Tank Moc

SS 304


SS 304

Conveyor Height

825 mm

Conveyor Length

3000 mm


82.5 mm Width

Container Movement

Left To Right

Dimensions (mm)


Motor Make


Gear Box Make


Contact Part Moc

SS 304

Non-contact Part Moc

SS 304

Control Panel

1 No

AC Drive



3-phase, 415v/50hz

Weight (Approx)

1300 Kgs